The Major Party Celebration Handled by DJs

Even though events like corporate parties, weddings, and birthday celebrations keep DJs busy all throughout the year, a study shows that you’ll most likely pay more for a bar or bat mitzvah than any other type of celebration. Needless to say, bar mitzvahs are just one of the major celebrations that DJs are hired and paid heftily for.  

Nationwide survey results indicate that bar mitzvah DJ services cost about 32% more than weddings and birthday parties. In dollars, it means a DJ’s bar mitzvah fees, which average a bit more than $800, are $200 greater than weddings and almost $400 more than birthdays. 

Bar mitzvahs are more lavish affairs than any of the events listed above. And yes, it’s more spectacular than weddings. That’s why it demands so much on DJs, as they have to be more involved in the celebration. So if a DJ is charging you more for a bar mitzvah rather than a wedding, you now know the reason why.  

What Party DJs Do  

DJs for these events are doing quite a bit more than just playing records. They are also expected to get the guests actively involved in the party. In essence, the DJ also works as the emcee that is responsible for announcing the person who is the subject of the celebration.  

The DJ should interact with the audience and participants in the entire event in a manner that’s certainly than what he’ll do in a birthday celebration, corporate party or wedding. Bar mitzvah DJs need to have an extensive understanding of different types and genres of music.  

The Responsibilities of DJs  

The DJ should also know how to appeal to a wider demographic as the guests to these events run from ages 5 to 80. You should also play not only the most popular music but also the most appropriate one. DJs for a bar mitzvah require different skills than what’s normally required for a corporate party.  

Additionally, the dance floor is always full at these events. Only a few people leave the venue during the length of the party. The major responsibility of the DJ is to maintain the energy level of the attendees and ensure that the celebrant is having the time of his life. If you hire a novice DJ for this type of celebration, you will not likely get the results that you’re looking for.  

Why You Should Hire the Best DJ 

There’s no question as to what kind of services a DJ provides to a party or celebration. Since they dictate the tempo of the event, they should be very knowledgeable about the celebration they are spinning music for. The work of the DJ transcends records and tunes. They are definitely the life of the party.  

If you’re looking for the best indoor or outdoor event DJ Calgary has ever produced, then you better start looking for them right now. You want to make a list of reputable DJs in your area so you can be sure that your event is going to be a very memorable one. Choose the right DJ and you’ll throw a party of a lifetime. And that’s a guarantee.  

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